AW18 Lookbook Cover Digi

. Terence .

“The designer’s job is to imagine the world not how it is, but how it should be.”

Pepper .

Why won’t anyone in this garden notice me?

Comme Les Loupsd60a7912 RGB 900px

. Christian .

“True elegance stems from the virtues of simplicity.”

. Midnight Blossom .

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Jungles on Venus .

He ran and ran from the fire and flames until it felt like he was flying.

Luciole .

Tu m’as plu.


Umber .

The rustle of the leaves beneath the chilly, white clouds soothed him.

Corolla .

The different bouquets poised around her room made for a most delightful atmosphere.

Dijon .

Parle avec les yeux.

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Enero .

For when the dream is too big.

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Aurelian .

The world is your stage.

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Comme Les Loupscomme Les Loups 1164 RGB 1800px

Flashbulbs and Swimming Pools .

To some “winter” is a verb.

Sacramento .

Oranges and pink champagne.

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Nassos .

Nassos Daphnis was born in Greece and moved to America, where he became renowned for his geometric artwork.

Cyan .

And then the waves came crashing down.


. Cuprum .

"In the Roman era, copper was principally mined on Cyprus. The original name of the metal, aes cyprium, was corrupted to cuprum, and later transformed to copper.”

. Nótt .

At night she rode, her fair skin reflected by the moonlight.

Boho-chic .

Regent Street and Leicester Square.

Pepperland .

Tucked away beneath the sea, we had a lengthy dancing spree.

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Jade Emperor .

He emitted a wondrous light that filled the room.

Nape .

The breeze made her eyes well with tears.

Comme Les Loupsd60a8391 RGB 900px

. Seafoam .

Thespian .

I’m game.

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Panatella .

“Great men are not born great, they become great.”

Rosewood .

. Tinta .


. Rosebud .

Coucou .

Don’t mind if I do.

Chiaroscuro .

“Only the deeper parts of the mind have so little sense of time.”

. Ilya .

Mr Ilya Bolotowsky was a New York based artist, well known for his splendid abstract geometric paintings.

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Seigneur .

Yes sir, you may find them on the commode.

Straw .

One fine morning.

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Gold Line .

“Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”

Comme Les Loupscomme Les Loups 1186 RGB 1800px

Rumpelstiltskin .

Magic needs no explanation: it simply is.

Twinkle .

Up above the world so high.