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spring | summer 2019

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. Flaubert .

There is no truth.
There is only perception.

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. Umpire .

Let the game come to you.

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. Doesburg .

The line has almost become a work of art itself.

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. Vague .

Je rêve ici.

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. Lanaï .

He heard the gentle waves through the thicket, and smiled.

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. Florissimo .

Listen to what the flower people say.

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. Roseate .

Words are all I have.

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. Peyote .

No words, music or memories can touch that sense of being.

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. Castell .

There's always something better on the other side.

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. Cloud Nine .

Nothing that you make that can't be made.

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. Wytham .

Good day to you, sir.

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. La Florida .

The magnolia petals gently glided onto the forgotten bench.

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. Jubilant .

The early rays on the dew drenched grass told him today would be a good day.

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. Fowey .

Welcome to the fold.

Nebbiolo PS
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. Nebbiolo .

The warm sunset breeze rustled the leaves of the olive trees.

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. Floweret .

I need you the most.

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Hertzberger .

If the solution is not beautiful, I know it’s wrong.

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. James Dean .

Only the gentle are ever really strong.

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. Venturi .

She rushed through the rain towards me...

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. Moloka .

Here comes the sun.

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. Schawinsky .

I didn't get dressed like this to go unnoticed.

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. Aalto .

The harmony of purpose and form.

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. Comte .

Quand on n’a pas ce que l’on aime,  faut aimer ce que l’on a.

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. van de Velde .

I shall replace the old symbolic elements.

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. Barnabotti .

Ask anyone who matters.

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. San Diego .

A beach and warm weather are all I really need.

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. Kensington .

The hum of the city felt quite comforting.

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. Ginsberg .

We promise you the moon, and nothing less.

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. Camden .

Do tell us about your latest adventure. 

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. Bombyx Mori .

Moving in your own shadow.

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. Williams .

Everything I try takes you further from me.