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Summer 2020

Irving TIP Vert Beige 2

• Irving •

We can and will protect them.

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Eduard TIP Blanc Noire 1

• Edouard •

After pondering for a brief moment,
he knew exactly what to say.

Attenborough Vert Beige 1


Today, we’ll hope for luck.

Heliotrope Blanc Bleu Foncé 1


He felt as if he was sinking
deeper and deeper
into the meadow.

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Aventurine SQUARE Vert Menthe 2

• Aventurine •

This one is quite rare, my friend.

Holstad Blanc Noire 1


Sometimes colours hurt my eyes.

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Kjaerholm Brun 1

• Kjaerholm 

Shimmering Sage Vert Menthe 1

Shimmering Sage

The warm breeze brought
them welcome rest.

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Ken Kesey TIP Rose Fleurs 1

Ken Kesey

We’ll keep following this road.

Floribunda TIP Rouge 1

• Floribunda •

The sun shone on the petals
with such force.

Sverre Rose Saumon 1


Everyone will be there.

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Tramonto Rouge 1


Luminous lines and sparkles.

Vilhelm SQUARE Rose Saumon 2


I’ll take it from here.

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Namib Rouille 1


They both slid down
the bank whooping.

Salvia Bordeaux 1


The summit stood there,
peaceful as ever.

Blue Bell Bleu Claire 1

Blue Bell

Each moment felt
better than the last.

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Brunnera Bleu Claire 1


The fresh morning air
swept over the plain.

Palace Pier TIP Bleu Claire 1

Palace Pier

Let’s finish our refreshments, shall we?

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Byzantium Bordeaux 1


I guess we’ll raise our glasses.

West Pier Bleu Claire 1

West Pier

“Just one more go!”
she declared.

Scintillate Noire 1


The wooden boat
glid towards her.

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Onyx Oddyssey TIP Noire 2

Onyx Odyssey

Tread lightly tonight.

With thanks to

Photography: Jef Claes

Hair and Make-up: Sanne Schoofs

Model: Max at P-Agency

Suits: Café Costume